Goldbroker makes everything in its power to guarantee an optimal and totally secure service.

Ownership of Gold and Silver

When buying from, you own directly your gold and silver. From purchase until the sale, you own physical gold and silver, not "paper". Your precious metals registered in your name.

By fully owning your gold and/or silver, you are not exposed to a risk of default by Goldbroker or its partners. does not own the gold or silver you have in the secure vaults.

Gold and Silver Bullion guarantees the quality of all the gold/silver bars and coins. Gold and silver bars available on are at least 99.5% pure and have been kept continuously in professional bullion storage facilities since they were manufactured.

The precious metals are provided by the most famous producers.

Storage and Protection of Your Gold and Silver

Your precious metals are stored in a secure vault in New York, Toronto, Zurich (Switzerland) and Singapore, provided by our storage partner, a company specialised in secure storage and transportation.

Our storage partners are insured and access to your precious metals is strictly reserved. No one on the team has access to your gold/silver. You hold your precious metals in your own name (unique serial numbers).

You may check the record of investment at all times by logging into your account.


All our investors arecovered against losses through our storage partner's insurance contractThe only exceptions are losses resulting from a civil war or a nuclear explosion and / or terrorism.

Learn more : Insurance

Account and Data Security

Goldbroker cares about the safety of its customers and has taken extra steps to ensure it. Your transactions are safe and protected by high-quality security program.

Your Goldbroker account is protected by some of the most secure cryptographic methods ever devised. Goldbroker is designed to allow account access to be compromised and still keep your property safe.

Goldbroker manages data regarding an account holder in accordance with applicable laws, data protection acts and others. Goldbroker maintains strict confidentiality regarding all relationships with account holders.

We only allow the transfer of money to the bank account used to open an account with (your bank account). Transfers of funds from your Goldbroker account to your bank account are quick and secure.