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Quantity Stored Annual Storage Fees*
Up to 49 oz 1.5% (minimum $150/year)
From 50 oz 1.25%
Annual Storage Fees*
1.5% (minimum $150/year)


* % on the value of your holdings. Management fees are applied on the value of your holdings at spot. Goldbroker.com offers direct ownership of gold and silver only. We do not offer a mutualized solution, for reasons explained on this page.




  • Withdrawal after storage: $300

For investors having used our storage partner’s facilities and wishing to withdraw their precious metals (entirely or partially).

These fees do not constitute an exit penalty; they cover handling and administrative duties required when verifying or withdrawing gold/silver, partially or entirely (withdrawal, use of a showroom, re-packing, sealing, assistance).

Note: In the case of physical silver, the value-added tax (VAT) is due because the silver will leave the duty-free zone. Customs import declaration is also due. The VAT is payable in cash or by wire transfer directly to our storage partner.


Pickup Fees

  • Pickup after purchase$250

For investors wishing to pickup their precious metals directly after purchase (without going through storage and issuance of a certificate), our storage partner shall hold such stock for the time required for the investor to recuperate his/her order.

Details about GoldBroker.com pickup fees here.